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Treasure Hunting in Somerleyton

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Henry Cole takes five teams of intrepid metal detectorists to Somerleyton in Suffolk, where they unearth rare artefacts and ancient coins.

Treasure Hunting at Somerleyton Meadows
Some of the most interesting and historical finds were made in the parcel of land just behind St. Margret's church just over the road from Somerleyton Meadows. The items found included coins, belt buckles and a locket with a mirror inside.

Best known for Shed & Buried, Find It Fix It Flog It and The Motorbike Show, Henry will be taking a short break from digging around in sheds in a new quest to unearth ancient artefacts buried beneath Britain’s green and pleasant land.

Joining him will be five dedicated teams of the UK’s top metal detectorists, who have been given a unique opportunity to investigate some of the country’s finest historical sites, getting 48 hours to go where no detectorist has gone before.

Their finds will be assessed and scored by expert judges. Archaeologist Dr Susheela Burford (the show’s Finds Liaison Officer) will evaluate the historical interest and significance of each item, then award a number of points, from five for the most interesting, down to one for the least.

You can watch the full episode here:

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