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The Rings of Saturn

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Follow in the footsteps of W.G Sebauld as he voyages along the Suffolk coast on foot in this classic vintage voyage book.

Passing through Somerleyton and encountering an eccentric cast of characters along the way, Sebald confronts the frailty of human existence.

The rings of Saturn by Seabald

What begins as the record of a journey on foot through coastal East Anglia becomes the great, constellated story of people and cultures past and present: of Chateaubriand, Thomas Browne, Swinburne and Conrad, of fishing fleets, skulls and silkworms. A rich meditation on the past via a melancholy trip along the Suffolk coast, The Rings of Saturn is an intricately patterned and haunting book on the transience of all things human.


You will find a copy of the book in the Somerley Suite at Somerleyton Meadows B&B. But it is also available to buy online at Amazon or Blackwell's.


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