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Cap'n Crow comes down in Herringfleet.

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Discover the memorial to the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress, 'Cap'n Crow', which crashed in Herringfleet in 1944 at Ashby Church.

On 7th May 1944, while on a mission to Berlin - a B17 bomber crashed in Herringfleet. The plane had flares stored in the top turret but for some reason they exploded and the pilot ordered the crew to bail out. The pilots, Wright and Raper, were possibly overcome by fumes and passed out. The rest of the crew bailed out, in all 5 of the crew were killed.

There is a memorial to the five men outside Ashby Church - just a short walk from Somerleyton Meadows boutique Bed & Breakfast.

1st LT Ralp W Wright, LT Jack W Raper, LT Richard Curran, 4T Carl A Herrmann and S/Sgt Randolph C Moore along with two other airmen - LT Russell P Judd and S/O Louis S Davis, who also died near the boundary of Ashby Church on 6th April 1945.


Further info can be found at The American Air Museum.

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